Cox Bone Dust Collector


Grace Medical is proud to announce the acquisition of OTOMED, Inc. Quality products such as the Glasscock dressings, drapes and Levine tubing complement the Grace Otologic product line.

NEW - Eclipse Flat Ribbon Piston

Wide ribbon helps protect incus during heat application
SRP Open

Megerian Nitinol SRP

Innovative Nitinol Solution for Revision Stapes Procedures

The ALTO System

The first and only non-crimp adjustable system, allowing for resizing after initial trimming and prosthesis placement.
Microtome Cartilage Cutter


Offers a simplified means to accurately cut cartilage with uniform thicknesses.
Triunetube Resized Flipped2

Triune Tube

A T-Tube alternative designed to reduce complications

Grace Medical is dedicated to offering the finest in quality and innovation for your ENT needs.

Grace Medical App

The Grace Medical app features product information and surgical videos.

drawMD ENT App

Visually communicate complex conditions and procedures

About Us

Our history reflects a strong commitment to product innovation. This is one of the core values of our business, helping to define Grace Medical. It was crucial in 1995 when the company was founded, and even more relevant today as we bring the latest in technology and design to the ENT marketplace.