2 in 1 ALTO

The 2in1 ALTO offers the surgeon a total and partial prosthesis in one implant. The modified distal end allows for placement on the stapes footplate or capitulum. The Total’s functional length ranges from 3mm to 7mm and the Partial’s functional length ranges from 1.25mm to 5.75mm. The 2in1 ALTO also features and Dornhoffer head design with the new concise sleeve. The concise sleeve provides multidirectional movement for optimal contact with the TM.

“The foot or basket works well on the capitulum and also sits with even distribution on the footplate. Very stable. The head is “firmly flexible” in that it is moveable but not floppy making it easy to place under a cartilage graft. No bending of the shaft needed.” – Doug Backous, MD

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