Our History

Located in Memphis TN, Grace Medical was founded in 1995 as a contract manufacturing operation producing titanium ventilation tubes.  What began as a small business operated from the family garage has evolved into a global market leader in ENT, offering an extensive range of products to treat disorders of the ear, nose and throat. 


Some key business milestones include:

  • 1996: Grace Medical begins manufacturing and selling Dense HA and Otosil middle ear implants. Otosil is a proprietary composite material developed by Grace.
  • 1997: Grace develops a business relationship with EagleVision to manufacture silicone punctum plugs for Ophthamology.
  • 2000: Grace launches the ALTO HA/Titanium prosthesis, patenting this technology for the first and only non-crimp titanium adjustable middle ear prosthesis.
  • 2000: The Company introduces its own line of Tympanoplasty tubes. Grace silicone tubes feature the proprietary cold mold process, allowing for production of small silicone products with a highly complex molded geometry, minimal flash, and a mirror surface finish.
  • 2002: Grace introduces the patented Triune Vent Tube, a true advancement in long term treatment of otitis media, designed to reduce the incidence of TM perforation after tube removal.
  • 2003: Grace Medical and Eaglevison are acquired by the holding company Enteroptyx.
  • 2004: The patented ALTO Adjuster Body makes its debut.  This technology gives the surgeon a means to simplify adjustment of the ALTO prosthesis while reducing undesired handling of the sterile implant.
  • 2006: HA Lite is introduced, providing surgeons who prefer hydroxylapatite the same open head designs offered in titanium.  
  • 2007: Grace improves the popular nitinol shape memory stapes piston. The Eclipse piston was designed to close around the incus in greater degree and reduce sizing issues related to lift upon closure.
  • 2009: The patented Kraus K-Helix is released, offering an alternative solution to traditional TORP/PORP configurations when reconstructing the ossicular chain.
  • 2014: Grace Medical becomes the first company to expand the use of Nitinol from stapes prostheses to middle ear implants, introducing the Nitinol ISJ.
  • 2015: Acquired Otomed, Inc, a leading supplier of ear dressings, surgical drapes, irrigation tubing and bone dust collectors
  • 2015: Utilizing the patented InvisiDrive magnetic bur coupling, DragonFly Surgical Drill System is introduced to the ENT market.
  • 2018: Grace Medical partners with Spiggle & Theis, a global leader based in Dieburg, Germany, to distribute their line of ENT Instruments in the United States.
  • 2019: Grace aquires EndoEar Endoscopic Instruments, an innovative product offering that features an array of integrated suction dissectors, curved suctions, and high-definition endoscopes.

Our history reflects a strong commitment to product innovation. This is one of the core values of our business, helping to define Grace Medical.  It was crucial in 1995 when the company was founded, and even more relevant today as we bring the latest in technology and design to the ENT marketplace.

We strive each and every day to help improve patient care. Simply put, we want to make a difference. We are committed to making long-term contributions to our specialty through research, education and support of humanitarian efforts. It starts with world-class product designs, proven materials, and a commitment to set the gold standard in customer service. We offer a personal touch rarely seen in today’s business world. Have a special need? Give us a call, we’d love to help. 

Grace Medical brings passion, focus and energy to everything we do.  Innovation.  Quality.  Customer Care.  Integrity.  Reliability.

We are your partner for ENT healthcare.