EndoEar Endoscopic Instruments

As the use of endoscopes to perform ear surgery increases, Grace Medical recognized the need to develop and refine instrumentation to meet the unique needs associated with these procedures.  Our endoscopic instruments integrate suction and dissection to perform both functions simultaneously.  In addition, the suction adapter rotates 360° to help maximize the user’s free range of hand motion. 

Suction + Dissection

  • Integrated suction and dissection to perform both simultaneously
  • Suction adapter rotates 360° to maximize free range of motion

Double-Ended Dissection

  • Varied geometries to access and remove hard-to-reach pockets of cholesteatoma


  • Array of curved suctions with integrated 360° rotation to maximize free range of motion, enhancing control and precision


  • Brilliant, high-definition images with exceptional brightness
  • 0°, 30°, 45° and 70° scopes available
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