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The DragonFly™ Surgical Drill System, powered by InvisiDrive™,  represents a model of user-friendly ergonomics.  The handpiece is small in size, light in weight and hermetically-sealed to ensure optimal and consistent performance.  A magnetic coupling mechanism allows for the quick and easy exchange of burs.  In order to achieve pinpoint access, the system affords the opportunity to choose the appropriate bur length.  To maximize visualization, a series of adaptors provides a means to vary the angulation of the burs.  In addition to these dynamic features, the system employs patented BurShield™ technology to protect soft tissue and intraoperative dressing.

  • Magnetic coupling for quick and easy exchange of burs
  • Small in size, light in weight and hermetically-sealed for optimal performance
  • Patented BurShield™ technology for protection of soft tissue and intraoperative dressing